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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 4:39 PM


Gomez could possibly have the biggest monitoring network due to its Peer Program. In the peer program, users may offer their idle PC time for monitoring work, and this is paid. Simply GET PAID TO BE ONLINE. Major clients include Digg, Imeem, Audi, and DoubleClick. Other services include Load Testing, Network Monitoring, and Functional Testing.


With their software, you can CREATE YOUR OWN UPTIME MONITORING BUSINESS for the price that you could be paying just for another company's uptime monitoring service.

Sick and tired of generic scripts?


UptimeInspector has separate website and server monitoring services so you could pay only for services that you need. Other services: DNS Blacklist Monitor and Search Engine Ranking Monitor.


Server monitoring with 5-Level Diagnostics including searching for defined keywords in the resulting page. Has 30-day free trial.

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